The EMS Difference

Are you looking for industrial cleaning solutions such as railcar cleaning, barge cleaning or AST cleaning? Look no further than EMS Management located with service headquarters in Houston, TX. We provide safe, quality and on-time industrial cleaning services to the rail, barge and bulk storage assets of America. With 20 Years of proven results EMS proprietary process and chemistry is the difference maker. Safer – Greener – Faster & Cleaner, with less impact to Health, Infrastructure and Environment, EMS provides unique and innovative solutions for the most complex cleaning challenges.

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    Our company has developed proprietary processes through equipment and chemistry that separates EMS from other providers of industrial cleaning solutions. The EMS process is low impact to our team with all natural and non-hazardous chemistry components. Our engineered system relieve stress and risk on workers. The combination of expertise, experience, engineering and science offer positive impact through our delivery of services.

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    We strive to perform work in the safest manner possible through innovation. In some cases the only way to accomplish a task is with our trained personnel. EMS is committed to training and equipping all personnel with the knowledge and training to complete every task safely. EVERYONE HOME SAFE TONIGHT – 100%. Training, reinforcement and practical application of a good safety culture gets the work done on time and gets our families home safe tonight.

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    Company Longevity

    Our leadership team has over 100 years in cumulative experience and background in environmental cleaning, process and chemistry development in cleaning application to major oil companies, manufacturers, shippers and mid-stream companies across America. EMS Management was founded in 1994, with a mission to deliver environmental cleaning solutions to the rail, barge and terminal assets of North America. To deliver safe, on-time, quality services through flawless execution. To exceed our customer expectations and deliver tangible value that save time, money and increases efficiency for the companies that we work for.

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    Environmental Consiousness

    At EMS we use all natural products that have no impact on humans or the environment. Chemicals used for cleaning are 100% biodegradable with no impact to environment, and recyclable for reuse of water and effective separation of waters, oils and solids to dramatically reduce waste streams.

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    We use the latest technology available while providing industrial cleaning solutions for rail, barge and terminal assets. Our company strives to employ simple processes coupled with technology that reduce our foot print, energy consumption and waste streams through the cleaning process.

Recruit – Develop – Sustain

The Mission of EMS Management, Inc. is to provide safe, quality & on-time industrial cleaning services to the rail, barge & bulk storage assets of America. – To exceed every client expectation and exemplify EMS as an organization of Excellence. To foster an environment where our team members grow and develop not only professionally but personally as well.

As we embark on this mission we are committed to developing people through the process and truly believe that people are our greatest asset. In this we have established a team culture where we all look out for one another to keep each other safe and accountable through what we call the S.E.A.L system of:

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    S - building and developing people through establishment of a culture of SAFETY

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    E - demonstration of EXCELLENCE through flawless execution

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    A – Encourage, engage & challenge personal ACHIEVEMENT and growth

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    L – Every member of the team is developed to LEAD & Leaders Lead to Succeed

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