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EMS Management service headquarters located in Houston, TX provides environmental cleaning solutions to the rail, marine, barge and terminal assets of America.

Our Railcar Service Division provides mobile cleaning and repair services coast to coast. Cleaning a wide range of commodities with fixed cleaning locations in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Ohio. We provide complete wash rack management, consulting, chemistry and process services. Railcar Cleaning.

EMS barge and vessel cleaning came on line with the establishment of barge cleaning in the Houston ship channel. Our Barge and Vessel Cleaning services include basic cleaning, valve service and recertification, cleaning and demolition for scrap.

EMS also offers AST cleaning solutions that are safer, and faster all with less impact to the environment, personnel and infrastructure. We provide cleaning of AST’s and pipe transfer manifolds. Storage Tank Cleaning.

Use of chemicals in industrial cleaning has been a constant issue, due to the impact to our work force as well as the environment. Workers face the threat of exposure to cleaning chemicals such as caustics, detergents, petro-solvents and other cleaning agents.

We are committed to reducing exposure through innovative chemistry and engineered processes to keep our team “home safe tonight”. Our proprietary chemistries are 100% biodegradable, leaving no impact to environment and recyclable for reuse of water and effective separation of waters, oils and solids to dramatically reduce waste streams.

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