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EMS Management Railcar Service Division delivers environmental cleaning solutions to the rail fleets of America. EMS offers cleaning solutions for many types of railcars and commodities; from food grade sanitization, petro-chemicals, oils, asphalt, plastics and resin conversion cleaning, EMS can deliver.

Our services include installation of reporting marks, which can be produced in our office and shipped to your door or installed by our professional team. EMS can provide a preventive maintenance schedule for your entire fleet or travel to those remote areas to get that one problem car back on track.

  • EMS provides preventive maintenance for fleets through the cleaning process. After the cars are cleaned and inspected we will repair or replace any defective operational parts such as valves, gauges, gaskets, gates, fabric membranes, plumbing, hatch components, as well as providing lining repair in many cases.
  • On-Site services give you (the customer) control. You can see first-hand what repairs are needed and even supply the parts yourself. This service has great value for customers providing built in cost controls.

Our Railcar cleaning solutions are multifaceted. Formulated from environmental remediation components and vetted through the oil & gas industry EMS has worked for years to find the best solutions, balanced in chemistry and equipment process coupled with the application of labor.

In partnership with Terrahydrochem, EMS has formulated cleaning chemistry solutions, combined with engineered processes that clean:

Safer – Greener – Faster & Cleaner than traditional methods.

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    Traditional solvents often time present hazards to the worker and to general infrastructure components such as diesel, caustics and solvents used in traditional vat cleaning systems. We found over the years the impact to our work force and the cost of wear and tear on equipment had to change. Our THC components are all natural plant based derivatives, non-hazardous and completely bio-degradable. Since our introduction of our chemistry we have eliminated worker health impact related to skin sensitivity, burns, respiratory sensitivity and more. As well the impact to our pumps, lines and overall equipment has reduced significantly.

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    Conservation is a top priority for EMS. Our chemistry enables us to clean cars with a fraction of water and energy as traditional methods. Many surfactants that raise PH levels create complex emulsions creating hazardous waste streams. Our chemistry is designed to not only clean the car, it’s original purpose was to clean soil and water. Cleaning substrate surfaces is a by-product of our chemistry. We designed our processes where we are able in many cases to recycle our water significantly reducing the volumes of water being used and water being disposed. In applications to heavy oils and asphalts we are able to separate the water from oil and solids, reducing cost of disposal and impact on solid land-fills. All of our products are 100% natural and 100% Bio-degradable.

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    Our processes combined with our chemistry gives us the cleaning edge. Reducing down time in cleaning and returning cars back into service. Traditional methods require cars being sent into shops with long degassing processes, steaming and process repetition. Our engineered processes combined with our chemistry give EMS the one-two punch in knocking out cleaning projects quicker than traditional methods.

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    Our chemistry works on many different levels throughout the process. Cleaning substrate surfaces our RCC or Railcar Cleanser formula pulls oil from within the substrate surface. Heavy oils, paraffin’s, maltenes, asphaltenes that penetrate the pours of the metal surface release through a desorption process of our chemistry without the use of steam or extreme heat. This saves time, energy and the end result is indeed safer, greener, faster & cleaner.

EMS is working hard to deliver value through conservation, engineered processes and responsible chemistry. Practical standards have approached tank cleaning and industrial services typically with dangerous solvents, caustics, diesel and massive volumes of water. Over 20 years of industrial experience and innovation has allowed EMS to strive for safer, cleaner and greener solutions. As a mobile services operator resources are always a challenge when working at remote locations or even inside plants. Our objective is to perform the work safely, in the time necessary and to use as little energy and resources that will affect our workers and the environment.

Our chemistry is the difference maker! (Terrahydrochem’s) all natural cleaning components enable us to recycle heels, water and clean solids to levels where disposal costs are dropped to a minimum. In many cases our chemistry will allow tanks and vessels to be cleaned without dismantling associated with bottom outlet valves, steam coil assemblies and other transfer manifold systems.

We are equipped to provide you with all aspects of service, to include turn-key completion to consulting on equipment, process and chemistry.EMS Management

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