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EMS Management is a leading provider of environmental industrial cleaning services. An emerging market for EMS, 2016 marks the year that we’ve established barge and vessel cleaning in the Houston ship channel. These expanded services are a natural progression from within our current service base adding additional services to our current customers with assets in this segment of the transportation supply chain.

Our staff is dedicated to provide safe, quality, on-time service. Reducing down time, disposal and impact on the environment through cutting edge chemistry and engineered processes.EMS Management


    EMS has established barge cleaning operations in the Port of Houston, Texas cleaning many types of commodities and barge configurations.



    Our services include stripping, conversion and requalification cleaning, valve service and recertification, cleaning for demolition and on-site scrapping. We occupy a dock location with isolated 300ft slip, fleeting for up to 5 barges, tug service and other maintenance components to meet your fleet needs.

EMS is working hard to deliver value through conservation, engineered processes and responsible chemistry. Practical standards have approached tank cleaning and industrial services typically with dangerous solvents, caustics, diesel and massive volumes of water. Over 20 years of industrial experience and innovation has enabled EMS to strive for safer, cleaner and greener solutions. As a mobile services operator resources are always a challenge. Our objective is to perform the work safely, in the time necessary and to use as little energy and resources that will affect our workers and the environment. Our barge cleaning operations are set apart by reducing water usage and delivering value back to our customers in the management and recycling of heels. Our systems are designed to recycle and clean simultaneously to reduce waste streams and extract value from excess lading in order to save money and deliver that value back to our clients.

Our chemistry is the difference maker! (Terrahydrochem’s) all natural cleaning components enable us to recycle heels, water and clean solids to levels where disposal costs are dropped to a minimum. In many cases our chemistry will allow tanks and vessels to be cleaned without dismantling associated with bottom outlet valves, steam coil assemblies and other transfer manifold systems.

We are equipped to provide you with all aspects of service, to include turn-key completion to consulting on equipment, process and chemistry.EMS Management

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Our company offers industrial cleaning services for rail, barge and terminal assets. We are among the few companies offering AST cleaning services. Contact us today for more information.